GDC Position Statements & Guides

Please click on the links below to download General Dental Council position statements, guides and other documents.  You can also read the latest news on the GDC Gazette website.

GDC Standards for the Dental Team

GDC Guidance on Indemnity

GDC Position Statement on Tooth Whitening

GDC Direct Access Guide

Being Open & Honest with Patients when Something Goes Wrong

GDC Annual Report 2007

GDC: Considering Tooth Whitening? What You Need to Know Before Committing to Treatment

GDC: Continuing Professional Development for Dental Professionals

GDC Corporate Business Plan 2010

Dental Complains Service – Making a complaint about private dental care

Dental Complaints Service – Helping you put things right; Annual review 2014

GDC: Developing the Dental Team; Second Edition (Interim) 2009

GDC: About the Witness  Support Officer

GDC: Preparing for practice. Dental team learning outcomes for registration

GDC Guidance on indemnity

GDC: Witness support; Information guide for witnesses at fitness to practise hearing

GDC: Going abroad for your dental care; what you need to know before you go

GDC: How to report a dental professional to us

GDC: Members fees and expenses

GDC: Advice for overseas qualified dental professionals

GDC: Crowns, bridges and dentures. Do you know what’s going in your mouth?

GDC: How we check the quality of dental education and training. A guide for course providers and awarding bodies

GDC: Smile. Checking the team at your dentist

GDC: Smile. Your dental team have checkups too

GDC: Involement with a dental body Corporate

GDC: Standards for the dental team

GDC: Student fitness to practice

GDC: The first five years. Third Edition (interim) 2008

General Dental Council the first 50 years

Who regulates health and social care professionals?

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